3 Dimensions of Personalisation

In order to achieve personalisation at scale, organisations have to address 3 dimensions: Data, Distribution & Density. Tackling these focus areas is key to overcoming the complexity of personalisation. Here are some thoughts on how to strategise within these dimensions that will provide structure in building a personalisation program in your companies.


This is about collecting, aggregating, analysing, managing & adding science to the data.

Main goals:
Identify opportunities
Define audiences

Key people:
Data analysts, DMP gurus, journey mappers, data warehouse experts & data scientists


This is about delivering personalisation experiences throughout all channels.

Main goals:
Design audience-centric experiences
Deliver cross channel campaigns

Key people:
Marketing managers, copywriters, CX, UI, product specialists, developers, & integration architects


This is about building people, processes & technology, so personalisation can be scaled across the organisation.

Main goals:
Build a streamlined program
Utilise automation and machine learning

Key people:
Senior leadership, heads of marketing and digital, program leads, evangelists, change managers & solution architects

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