Care factors for a healthy DMP program – Part I – Overview

In recent years, Data Management Platforms (DMP) like Audience Manager have taken centre stage in digital marketing play and become the glue which bind a wide array of marketing activities. It can change fragmented experiences into a seamless experience, replace redundant communication with relevant conversation, transform disengaged customers into loyal advocates, underline the R in your marketing ROI. It sounds like the magic potion for all marketing ailments, and no wonder marketers have been flocking to include DMP in their arsenal. Unfortunately, if not utilised correctly it can become another unicorn that lives in fantasy.

DMP can be defined as a capability that allows companies to consolidate all available datato build a comprehensive audience definition that can be activated to harmonise marketingprograms and personalise customer experience, hence improve marketing performancewhile respecting customer privacy.

DMP program can not be a single team show. It requires, rather mandates, multiple teams and skills to come and work together towards that common goals of connected customer personalisation. To achieve the above objectives and build a well-functioning, healthy DMP program, organisations must ensure to take care of the following five factors:

  1. Data comprehension
  2. Audience structure
  3. Marketing Alignment
  4. Audience performance
  5. Data privacy
Care factors of a healthy dmp program