5 Principles of Running a Personalisation Program at Scale

Personalisation of customer experiences is a top-priority for marketers and rightly deserved, but personalisation should not be an ad hoc set of campaigns or disintegrated effort by internal teams. If personalisation has to drive true business value, it has to be run at scale as an enterprise-wide program where internal teams need to work together and be able to run large-scale campaigns that allow them to reach all their audiences during every engagement moment.

While personalisation at scale is a massive undertaking, following below principles can help your organisation master this feat:

Align Internally

Think how various teams can contribute to and benefit from personalisation program. Build structures in place to allow teams to engage with program only for their part while being cognizant of the big picture.

Optimise Processes

Minimise randomness or ambiguity in the program by defining and optimising processes for all personalisation activities, be it idea generation, campaign execution, quality assurance, performance monitoring, legal approvals or internal communications.

Standardise Tasks

Automate the routine and mundane tasks to improve personalisation output and reduce chances of manual errors. Do not schedule unnecessary meetings to repeatedly discuss tasks which can be standardised and automated.

Prefer done over perfection

Avoid the urge to have that flawless, perfect campaign if it delays the launch. Remember you might be missing on the benefits of 80% personalisation because you keep postponing till you are ready with 100% output. Many times, the effort required to take a campaign from 80% to 100% is same as getting more campaigns ready with 80% output giving you overall more output and benefits.

Celebrate Wins

Share and celebrate the wins with wider team. Getting work done is half the journey, the second half and equally important is promoting your work. It helps to get the stakeholder buy-in and align different teams on the benefits of personalisation so they are motivated to be part of it.

5 principles of running a personalisation program